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Friday, September 30, 2011

RVing with 'The Girls'

We went to Wichita, Kansas for a six night stay so my husband could build his daughter's deck. We traveled with both pups and Abby, my Pacific Parrotlett. Fun times! Here Sophie is checking out both the outdoors and Abby.
                                                        Here is the finished project.

RVing is hard work. The park had a lot of trees and we walked a lot. Zoe' would sleep up my feet, as always!

I stayed at the RV a couple of days while dh worked. It was nice for me, but he is pretty worn out.

The last night we were there, Sophie got a little stick 'bone' stuck in the floor vent. Well here he is
to the rescue. 
The girls did very well for the 6 hour drive. Slept most of the way and only had to make stops about every 2 hours. At the end of the trip the girls warmed up to each other sleeping on my lap, as you can see.
It was nice to be home, but sometimes 'HOME SWEET HOME is over-rated! LOL The power went out about 8 pm and it was hot as you know what! The temp was record braking again... But, today is a new day..and yes home sweet home!

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