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They love to cuddle and lick your feet.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

As the days go by...

Sophie with 'BOBO'. My goodness, we have have at least 5 of these. Off to Pet Smart to get a couple of more.
Here is Belle, Zoe's mom and a bit shy. She is smaller then Sophie's mom. Both her mom and dad weights about 5 pounds.

Look at Sophie's tail! It is just a' waggin'!! Getting better each day...by the HOUR!! This just makes my heart sing...


  1. I can not even tell you how much happiness "Sophie with 'BOBO'" brought me! When I was little, we got a puppy (at a gas station... guy said he was going to put it to sleep and, well, I was a Daddy's Girl with Daddy... He came home with us.). While my thought for a name was 'Hobo', he ended up being named BoBo --a gorgeous yellow lab mix.

    A few years later, BeBe came into my life... a little, tiny puppy (The move BeBe's --pronounced BayBay's, Kids' had just come out and I swore it was for B.B. Gun, but it was mainly because of my mom trying to be cute with 'baby' and confusing the poor pup, LOL).

    Flash forward and BeBe ruled the roost! Not only did she have all of her humans well trained (I once told my dad, "When Mommy dies, I will be right here for you, do anything you need ... when BeBe dies, though, I'll be visiting the moon! I don't even want to see how you handle that!"), but BoBo was her play toy. The probably 70-80lb. dog that played soccer with me in the backyard was truly RULED by her --She'd even hang on his lip as he tried to shake her off. She was a good dog... just... um... had Queen Bee Syndrome. Bebe, by the way, was a Yorkie-Maltese mix. ;-) It just gave me a chuckle to read the caption and brought back so many memories. THANK YOU!!! :-*

    Sorry for rambling... *blushes*

    Stephanie Grace

  2. Thank you both for your visit. Stephanie, what a delight to ready about your dogs. Thank YOU for sharing and I am so happy you did!