Yorkies are Special, Yorkies are Sweet,
They love to cuddle and lick your feet.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blame it on 'Two Broke Girls' TV show...

Gotta love this show...so cool my dh bought me a sauna! I don't know who was more excited, me or the girls!

The chair is sooo cute...but I was wondering if I could really 'fit' on it!! LOL  Well, the answer is YES!! Thank goodness!

When I put the chair in and sat down...Zoe was on my lap before I had a chance to know what was going on...I will spare you that pictures!! lol

I love it! Yes, I live in North Texas and why would I need/what a sauna you ask? Well, I get to sit and sweat! No bugs, no dirt in my hair and body (like when I work in the yard) it's awesome and I feel great afterwards! Now, do I get in the pool forward or after...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What dirt?

Me? Now, what makes you say I was in the DIRT??? Nope, not me....But don't call me a brown nose!  *smile*

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zoe' lost a toenail....

I have NO idea how....but all I know it's gone! The carpet had a small amount of blood (where is Ondrea when I need her) and followed a trail to her dog bed. Wow. That's a 'new to me' situation. As a child I lost a toe nail...it hurt A Lot! Well, I flipped it upwards, that's what hurt. Then much later, while bouncing on an old inner tube, my foot was underneath, and there it went. Flew right off. Anyway, Zoe' is fine, sleeping in her favorite evening spot, with 'dad'.  I will keep a close eye on it. I'm sure she'll be fine. Poor baby.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 are nice....

but 4 Yorkie's is awesome!! Here are 2 older shaved males. They are brothers and just as sweet as can be. Zoe's is under the picnic table...her 'safe zone'.
Here Zoe' is playing, and Sophie has her eye out on her. Its really hard to take pictures...running this way and that way! Fun times!

                                            Awwwww.....home sweet home!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yes, she's sleeping!

Silly girl. Has an attraction to her 'ball'.  She takes it to bed with her at night. Good thing we have 2 the same.

Now Zoe' has her own thing too. After breakfast, she sit at the gate that closes the way to the back rooms. She wants her squirrel.  That's her 'baby' all day....until after her evening meal, then she goes to the gate again. This time...for the pink pig. She goes to sleep with both. Yea, silly silly girls!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Doggie Door...

Last week DH put in a dog door. I guess we getting tired of the 'in and out, in and out' sooooo...
Here you can see the bell they touch when they want to go outside. But, enough is enough! LOL

Sophie surprised me by being the first one to master the process. Zoe' took a couple of days....
But once they figured it out...wow look out! The only thing is I am cautious of what toys they bring outside but most importantly, what they BRING IN!!!! LOL I just need to do a little painting and all will be right with the world.