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Monday, February 3, 2014

'Bout ready to rock their world!

Dh retired the last day of December. The 2nd week in January we took a trip to Bella Vista, Arkansas. We were pulling the RV and looking at 'houses'. 35 in 2 days! What a world wind! We did stay about 6 days, just to get a feel for the place.

The pups, as always did great. Yes, we found a lovely place in the wonderful retirement community! What's not to love with long and winding roads, trees, trees and more trees in what is called the Ozark Mountains. Not to mention 7 lakes and 8 golf courses! I believe 160 something holes. Now I don't fish nor golf but I find peace in this awesome location!

Here is the aftermath of a ice storm that had hit the area. The temps were above freezing so no ice on the roads! You can't see most of the mountains because of the fog, but oh so pretty!!

The girls will have a big backyard to roam. Here we have some yard but a pool takes up most...I know they will love it!

The front yard is rock. Wow...for us that is really different but I so love the 2 Magnolias trees.

Last Saturday, we made a turn around trip to drop off my car and a flatbed trailer. The girls did great with the drive. 5.5 hours each way. How they do love to travel. The day before we loaded the truck and trailer in 72 degree weather. Talk about perfect timing! Here is a pic the 'new neighbors' sent to us.

Wow...pretty good timing! My hope is that the snow will melt by Wednesday! Hey, a girl can HOPE! The girls are happy, just as long as they have a soft lap to sit in once in a while! 

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