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Friday, June 1, 2012

A new month...

The month of May was a long one for me. I was T-Boned in a parking lot and my car was in repair for 5 and half weeks! I didn't do much, to say the least.
Sophie had her 2ND birthday May 30TH. Yeah! Happy Birthday Sophie girl.
Well, its a new month. I have my car back as of yesterday evening so I took the girls today for a much need summer cut!

                                                             Here is Zoe BEFORE

Zoe after:
Wow...she is GOLD! It looks gray in the pic but its gold.

                                              Now here is Sophie napping on the end table Before:

                                                                       Sophie after:
                                                   Both, before the bows came off!!
                                                                      Such pretty girls!

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